• Radiating Rays - Remote Group Healing
    Multiple Dates
    uzt. 06, az.
    Your own sacred space
    uzt. 06 19:30 – 20:00 GMT+1
    Your own sacred space
    Add your name as a recipient in Flourish's remote healing session, free of charge. Your details are private and confidential. Please see event for participation details and suggestions on your preparations for the session.
  • Radiating Rays For Animals - Free of charge
    Multiple Dates
    uzt. 13, az.
    The animal's safe space
    uzt. 13 09:00 – 09:30 GMT+1
    The animal's safe space
    Remote healing session for animals.
  • Shamanic Circle | The Moon Rooms
    Multiple Dates
    uzt. 22, or.
    The Moon Rooms Cottage
    uzt. 22 19:00 – 20:30 GMT+1
    The Moon Rooms Cottage, Kirkhill House, Kirkhill Office Park, 81 Broom Rd E, Newton Mearns, Glasgow G77 5LL, UK
    In these gatherings we come together to explore different holistic healing and shamanic approaches, taking deep meditative journeys to connect with ourselves and our spiritual guides and teachers for empowerment, self awareness, personal development, healing and spiritual insight.
  • Reiki 2 Refresher Workshop
    Multiple Dates
    abu. 03, az.
    East Kilbride
    abu. 03 11:30 – 15:30 GMT+1
    East Kilbride, East Kilbride, Glasgow, UK
    Feel your level 2 practice needs a little refining or strengthening? This refresher workshop is perfect for regrounding, reconnecting and re-energising for Level 2 trained or professional Reiki Therapists.


The workshops are facilitated by myself, Andrea, owner and practitioner at Flourish. I have worked with plants as medicine for almost 30 years and am an experienced alternative medicine specialist, shamanic healer, energy teacher and qualified horticulturist.

I am not a professional forager nor a qualified medical herbalist and the content of the workshops are not for medical use, they are for ceremonial use and not for internal consumption/self medicating. Please consult appropriate professionals if you would like information on foraging and using plants for food and/or medicinal use.

All healing modalities are not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat any condition and are no replacement for medical care. If you are ill or in pain, please consult your GP or medical professional in the first instance. Please do not disregard any medical advice.


The content of the workshops is for personal use only and not for professional use or reproduction. All material and content is copyright and IP of Flourish - https://www.flourish.scot/terms-and-conditions for full details.

On booking, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions.