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uzt. 23(a), og.


The animal's safe, comfortable space

Radiating Rays For Animals - July 2020 (NC)

Add your companion animal as a recipient of this month's remote animal group healing session. This session is free of charge and all details are confidential.

Registration for this session of Radiant Reiki for Animals is closed
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Radiating Rays For Animals - July 2020 (NC)
Radiating Rays For Animals - July 2020 (NC)

Time & Location

2020 uzt. 23(a), 19:00 – 19:30 GMT+1

The animal's safe, comfortable space

About the Event

These monthly remote sessions for animals are without charge and anyone is free to add the name of their companion animal or any other animal - all that is asked is that you share something with others in exchange, either checking in with a friend or neighbour, taking an extra walk with your dog or tending a plant. It is important that if your companion animal appears restless, please allow them to leave the space and be free to walk around.

To prepare for the session

Find a quiet place where your animal will not be disturbed. Create a space that feels comfortable and warm for the animal - this is usually in their own bed but please allow your companion animal to move around freely if they wish. Soft background music, especially gentle classical music, can help create a relaxing atmosphere, if the animal enjoys the sounds. It is useful to have a blanket handy in case the animal feels a little cold during the session. Please have a bowl of fresh water and a little food prepared for the animal to enjoy after the session.

What is Radiating Rays For Animals?

Healing energy, high vibratory medicine and spiritual healing know no limits in regard to what we perceive as linear time and distance. We are surrounded by energy layers, commonly called the aura, and are connected to each other by this common energy. It is a high vibrational energy that works with intention and focus. Animals are often much more receptive than us to the subtleties of this energy.

The Benefits of Radiating Rays

Remote sessions are beneficial for animals and many animal caregivers find remote sessions incredibly supportive between in person sessions or prior to and in recovery from procedures or surgery in hospital. To book either an in-attendance or remote Animal Healing session, please visit


Reiki and these sessions are not a diagnostic therapy, cannot claim to treat any condition and is no replacement for veterinary care. If your animal is ill or in pain, please consult a Veterinary Surgeon in the first instance. Please do not disregard any veterinary medical advice.

Booking a One To One Remote Session

I provide remote Reiki sessions and Shamanic healing for animals all over the world. To book a session, please visit the Book Online page or email me at Remote sessions are conducted GMT - depending on where your companion animal is resident, sessions can also be accommodated to their own time zone.

For enquiries about one to one, in attendance home visits, please visit the Animal Reiki page.


Your registration details are private and confidential.

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