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Practitioner Program

Reiki Level 2 | Professional Practitioner Program

I developed this program after coming across so many people who had undertaken both Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 training with other training providers, and who had initial hopes of offering Reiki to the public only to find that they did not feel confident, skilled or knowledgeable enough after their Reiki Level 2 training to do this as a professional practitioner. They didn't feel they received adequate enough training or had been given the opportunity to deepen their experience in order to be skilled enough to conduct professional consultations, or to emotionally support clients while defining and maintaining their own boundaries. They didn't know enough about record keeping, data protection, health and safety, insurance, marketing and self employment requirements. 
In many courses, there is little to no preparation for students wanting to enter into professional practice and all of the personal and professional challenges encountered in starting, running and growing a Reiki therapy business. These, and so much more, are essentials for professional practice and this is why I developed my Professional Practitioner Program.

When I took my own tentative steps on the Reiki path many years ago, a lot of these aspects weren't explored in any kind of detail, and sadly many training courses still don't do this. Very little has changed over the years in regard to Reiki training, and one of the reasons for this is that many 'Masters' repeat the same training they themselves received, which was often also lacking in detail and experience. And so it repeats...

Until now. As a practising Holistic Medicine Specialist for over 20 years and a Teacher of Reiki for over 15 of those, this program is what I personally would have liked to have been offered as an excited and nervous student all those years ago, receiving dedicated full support on my path to becoming a Reiki Therapist. This is exactly what this program offers you. I want to share with you the knowledge and skills gained from my experience so that you are able to become the best Reiki Therapist you can be, working from a place of compassion and respect for yourself, your clients and your business.

If you feel drawn to the ethos and values of Flourish, that they align with the approach you would like to take as a prospective Reiki Therapist, then this program will give you a solid foundation for a strong, ethical practice with a focus on integrity. Sharing Reiki with the public carries much